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Jan 20-25 , 2008: AMS 88th Annual Meeting in New Orleans
Our project was presented in an oral presentation and three posters at the 17th Symposium on Education.

Oral Presentation:
Session 3-Technology and Teaching Tools in the University Classroom -
Experiences in undergraduate teaching with ‘Weather in a tank by
Lodovica Illari, MIT, Cambridge, MA; and J. Marshall, A. Tandon, R. D. Clark, S. Lee, T. W. N. Haine, G. McKinley, M. C. Morgan, and K. Mackin.
The talk was well received with a lot of questions about the project. Several people enquired about the Chicago Workshop in June.
See Lodo's.pdf and 2-pages summary.pdf.

Poster 1:
Integrating Weather in a tank: From non-major freshmen to junior meteorology majors and graduate dynamicists  by
Amit Tandon, Univ. of Massachusetts, North Dartmouth, MA; and L. Illari, J. Marshall, S. Lee, G. McKinley, M. C. Morgan, R. D. Clark, T. W. N. Haine, and K. Mackin - see poster1.pdf.

Poster 2:
Teaching with tanks: geophysical fluid experiments in undergraduate education  
Richard D. Clark, Millersville Univ., Millersville, PA; and S. Clevenstine, L. Illari, J. Marshall, A. Tandon, S. Lee, T. W. N. Haine, G. McKinley, M. Morgan, and K. Mackin -
see poster2.pdf.

Poster 3:
U Mass Dartmouth Physics Seniors David Beesley and John Olejarz presented a poster, entitled "Modeling Wind-driven Ocean Effects", at the Students Conference of the AMS - for more see here.

Past Meetings:

Annual Meeting (December 2007)
Kickoff Meeting (January 2007)

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