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MIT Annual Meeting
December 18-19, 2008 - Our annual meeting at MIT, involving collaborating partners and guests, was held on Thursday and Friday, December 18-19, 2008.
Meeting summary

People in attendance:
Lodovica Illari, John Marshall
Penn State University
Sukyoung Lee - PSU_report
U Mass Dartmouth
Amit Tandon and Carter Chamberlain - UMASSD_report
U Wisconsin at Madison
Galen McKinley - UWI_report
Millersville University
Alex De Caria and Ajoy Kumar
The Johns Hopkins University
Tom Haine - JHU_report
Education Consultant
Kathleen Mackin - Mackin_report

Monona High School, WI
Juan Botella - Botella_report
US Coast Guard - New London, CT
Lt Jon Andrechik - Andrechik_report
Wheaton College
Jason Goodman

Past Meetings:
Annual Meeting (December 2007)
Kickoff Meeting (January 2007)

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