Events: Summer 2007

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Students visit MIT

July, 2007 -  Over the summer we have been working on making available further experiments to the tankteam in readiness for the fall semester. We have been helped by the
following students:
David Beesley and John Olejarz at UMass Dartmouth
Seth Cleven at Millersville,
Priyam Patel and Rick Nelson at NYU and
Liam Fedus at MIT.

Fig.1: Back row (from the left): Prof John Marshall, Prof Amit Tandon and David Beesley
Front row (from the left): Seth Cleven, Privam Patel, Liam Fedus, Rick Nelson and  John Olejarz.

On Monday, Tuesday, July 16,17, everyone got together at MIT (Seth flew in from
Millersville, Priyam and Rick took the Fung Wah bus up from NY and David and
John drove up with Prof. Amit Tandon from UMass Dartmouth) for an intense 2-day
session to finalize the design of the following experiments - lead authors are
a) radial inflow (Liam, MIT)
b) Ekman layers (David, John O. and Amit, UMassD)
c) wind driven ocean circulation (David, John O. and Amit, UMassD)
d) thermohaline circulation (Liam and John M., MIT)
e) source-sink experiment (Priyam and Rick, NYU)
f) Marsigli (Liam and John M., MIT)
g) convection (John MIT, and Seth, Millersville)
h) parabolic surfaces (Liam and John, MIT)

We successfully prototyped the above experiments and over the remainder of the
summer will be fine tuning them, assembling the required apparatus and writing
up supporting material for the project website.

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